Powerful secrets of PISCES

You thrive on solitude, intrigue and confidential information, Pisces. 

Yours is the natural Sign of secrets, so its understandable that you operate in a soft-spoken way. You do have well-kept secrets, one being your incredible inner strength and strong streak of ..... -

rebellion. From your go-along manner, no one would suspect there's an iron fist concealed in your glove. You often stifle your own independence, but with the individualistic Sign, Aquarius, in your Twelfth House of Hidden Matters, you're an inventive force unto yourself. You have stronger opinions than you voice; because usually you'd rather not ruffle the feelings of others. 

Though you often seek privacy, you possess a contradictory need to gain recognition and popularity on a broad scale. You want people to seek you out—not just to show your compassion, but to covertly guide them. Your hidden power lies in expressing your knowledge and imaginative ideas openly. When you combine these with your natural ability to inspire others, you are awesome. 




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