The Meaning of ''ANGEL'' in dream and what it mean to your future

Your dream often announce what the future hold to you, for example dreaming about Angel,

 Remember for a moment what is written in the Bible, specifically in Genesis 1: 3 which says “Let there be light!” Where, God said, “Let there be light; and there was light! ”

The Bible also says "This is the first day!"

And as it has been said, “it is very bright in your dream, to show what will happen next in the coming days, weeks or months, which will definitely have a big change in your life, in your decision or in your decision. ! ” And it will be “the beginning of a new phase that you will tread in the coming years or months!”

When will such changes take place? 

This is answered by your dream, where, in your dream, “You are standing on the second floor of your old friend’s house?” which means "two years from now, these changes will take place in your life!"

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Sometime our Dreams Accurately describe ''A story or event that happened, is currently happening or will happen


"Angels represent invisible energy forces at work, which have become temporarily visible in dream, therefore, [....]
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