The Secret Symbol for AQUARIUS SEASON 2023

 Water pouring into a pool and into the earth.

When we pour into the earth, we are applying the energy we have received from the heavens. There are five streams of water being poured, which represent our ability to use the energy in the physical world, and this is only possible when we use the outlets of our senses: sight, touch, taste, sound, and smell. Our senses are the only way energy is manifested into the world. Now, when we are not using energy, we should find it in our hearts and minds to give it back to the collective unconscious for someone else to pick up. 

This is why Aquarius is pouring the water back into the collective unconscious pool, so that others can use the energy, which is the essence of recycling, and the benefits are manyfold on many levels. 
One benefit is that we give back the promise we made, which means we stop breaking those vows with every moment we waste the energy. We also stop stealing energy so we can begin to ask for new wishes and feel better knowing that the promises we weren’t keeping can now be carried out by those who truly want to manifest them. 

The second benefit is that we have a better chance to discard patterns and dump them back into the pool of the collective unconscious. 

The month of Aquarius Season asks us to purify and protect our growth we made during Capricorn, as it is guaranteed that Capricorn identity patterns will try to reinstate. Aquarius gives us the power to discard these patterns and throw them right back into the collective unconscious. The ramifications of asking for energy and misusing it are so grand that this is the best option we can take, and we have this ability during the month of Aquarius Season.

Programming The Solar Month of ♒ AQUARIUS SEASON 2023

You, too, can tap into the pool of the collective unconscious for information and inspiration within the month of Aquarius Season.


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Programming The Solar Month of ♒ AQUARIUS SEASON 2023

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