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MERCURY ( you ) Square or Opposition MOON ( Your Partner ) SYNASTRY

Arguments can cause upset feelings in a relationship with this Synastry combination of planets Mercury Square or Opposition Moon. 

All types of associations can suffer some setbacks under this influence, but personal relationships are particularly fraught with difficulties. 
  • 👉 Synastry, also known as the relationship astrology, is an interpretation of any established relationships, be it professional, marital, romantic relationships, or others between individuals..
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Friction seems to result no matter how MERCURY ( you ) Square or Opposition MOON ( Your Partner ) try to approach each other on intimate matters. MERCURY ( you ) Square or Opposition MOON ( Your Partner ) relationship suffers because of unspoken problems, or perhaps either MOON ( Your Partner ), or  MERCURY ( you ) speaks their mind too often. Either way the problem is communication. No matter how hard both MERCURY ( you ), Square or Opposition MOON ( Your Partner ) try they cannot seem to understand each other's way of seeing things and how each other feels. MOON ( Your Partner ), communicates on an intuitive or feeling level whereas MERCURY ( you ) is the more rational thinker. 

As a result MERCURY ( you ) Square or Opposition MOON ( Your Partner ) alternate between passion and rationality, having difficulty understanding the other person. MERCURY ( you ) Square or Opposition MOON ( Your Partner )  behaviour seems at odds with their needs, and they do not seem to be able to comfortably settle down in the relationship. On a more positive note MOON ( Your Partner ), and MERCURY ( you ) may not mind a little friction in their intimate relationship. 

However, it's more likely that MERCURY ( you ) Square or Opposition MOON ( Your Partner ) would both do well to work on their communication skills. As a result MERCURY ( you ) Square or Opposition MOON ( Your Partner ) can develop skills which help to overcome the problems enabling them to better understand each other.


Aries: Emoji Flirt; Check their recents and you'll spot the 100, tongue, and heart eye emoji. Scrolls through Instagram and blindly likes photos or swipes right on Tinder. 

Taurus: Touchy Temptress, Makes ANY excuse to touch the person they like OR shifts their weight to the person they like. 

Gemini: Talking Tease; They hand out compliments like Oprah hands out cars. 

Cancer: Pick-Up-Line Player; "Are you from Texas? Because you're the... wait. um. COME BACK. LEMME START OVER!!1!11" 

Leo: IQ Drop Dilly-Dally-er; Plays a submissive role in flirting. Pretends that everything the person says is the most hysterical thing ever!(They're probably' just really hot tbh.) 

Virgo: Sharpshooting Siren; Hurls Insults and has their prey wrapped around their finger. She probably likes you but seems a little mean. Sarcasm is her defense mechanism. 

Libra: The Femme Fatale: Plays hard to get to the point where they're left wanting more, but are lowkey scared. Effortless. 

Scorpio: Camouflaging Coquette; Takes up your hobbies and interests. Makes friends with your friends. "Coincidentally" runs into you... "Oh hey! I didn't know you were here!" 

Sagittarius: Charm Connoisseur; Got that look-at-you-and-smile-then-look- away, smooth talk, and playful touch on LOCK.. 

Capricorn: Obvious Operator; Says what they want from you. Easy to work with if you're good with confrontation. Sweet talker. 

Aquarius: Attention Apaller; Will legitimately do ANYTHING for you even if it means looking like an idiot. Seems rare to act upon their urges, but they hide It well. 

Pisces: Physical Philanderer: *flips hair* *winks* *drops and snaps* *giggles* you get the idea..


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