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This is a difficult combination of the planet Mercury ( You )  and the asteroid Chiron ( Your Partner ) Semisquare Aspect in Synastry. 

Semisquare in synastry or composite is a challenging but potentially transformative aspect. It can indicate somewhat challenging aspect of communication and healing between the two individuals or the relationship itself.

Mercury ( You ) and Chiron ( Your Partner ) have difficulty communicating in a manner that is rewarding. 

Instead they seem to hurt each other's feelings through saying the wrong thing. In particular Chiron ( Your Partner ) seems to upset Mercury ( You ). The problem is that old hurtful memories surface in this relationship. 

Mercury ( You ) and Chiron ( Your Partner ) have subconsciously attracted each other in order to learn valuable life lessons, but the journey is not smooth. Mercury ( You ) is particularly sensitive to the words used by Chiron ( Your Partner ), and has difficulty listening with emotional calm. 

Mercury ( You ) may accuse Chiron ( Your Partner ) of being insensitive and uncaring; however, Chiron ( Your Partner ) feels wrongfully accused. She genuinely struggles to find a better way of communicating what she means. These misunderstandings could lead to a breakdown in the relationship, or they could finally result in a better understanding of themselves and each other. Either way compassion is a key ingredient to successfully overcoming past hurts and developing loving communication.

To understand the specific impact of the Mercury-Chiron semisquare in a relationship, it's crucial to consider the overall context of the synastry or composite chart. Other aspects and planetary placements will also play a significant role in shaping the dynamics between the individuals involved. Remember that astrology is just one tool for gaining insights into relationships, and healthy communication, mutual respect, and effort from both parties are key to building a successful and fulfilling relationship..


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