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JUPITER - SUN Synastry in SQUARE Aspect

The Sun and the favourable planet Jupiter are combining, suggesting that this relationship is blessed with good fortune and a happiness in the short term; however, a long-term relationship may be fraught with insecurities. 

Initially SUN ( You ) and JUPITER ( Your Partner ) Square Aspect in Synastry Chart, feel a strong sense of togetherness, sharing many new and varied activities. 

The Square aspect can also create some challenges. The Jupiter person may be too optimistic or idealistic, while the Sun person may be too self-centered or stubborn.

A Square aspect can be a mixed bag for both romance and friendship.
In Friendship, 
It can indicate that there is a lot of energy for personal growth and expansion within the friendship. Both individuals may inspire each other to reach for their dreams and goals. When in a square aspect to the Sun, it can indicate that there may be differences in beliefs or values between the two individuals. These differences can either lead to stimulating discussions and learning opportunities or be a source of tension if not handled with respect..
In Romance,
Both JUPITER ( Your Partner ) and SUN ( You ) feel that the other person is contributing positively to their lives. They feel more alive within this union. Gradually the excitement wears off and they become aware that they have very different philosophies on life. 

Whereas once JUPITER ( Your Partner ) felt that her life purpose was expanded by the forward moving energy of SUN ( You ), now she feels that SUN ( You ) doesn't know when to stop. She becomes aware that SUN ( You )values are very different and that this is hindering her ability to express her full potential. 

SUN ( You ) was once excited by the strength of JUPITER ( Your Partner ) purpose in life. However, now SUN ( You ) feels that his path is being blocked by JUPITER ( Your Partner ) stubborn personality. This combination brings benefits to the couple in the first throes of the relationship, but it is going to take work to maintain the relationship. 

The long-term success of this association depends on other connections between JUPITER ( Your Partner ) and SUN ( You ).


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