GEMINI WOMAN: The Sign of Sexual Provocation

Gemini woman 
Rides a tine line between innate vulnerability and an aggressive need to assert her own agenda, both professionally and in her personal life. 

She is acutely aware of her feminine wiles, using them to her best advantage, often playing coy or precocious in order to disarm people and gain necessary ground. Indeed, no other female creates more of a stir; whether in expressing her signature outsized spirit in awesome displays of talent, or upsetting the proverbial apple cart in the trademark coups she's wont to launch, or both. 

Gemini Women is not a casual or even overly considerate character, easily claiming the title of nerviest creature in the zodiac—she's capable of achieving the greatest triumphs as well as causing the gravest trouble. She puts everything, and then some, into scoring any goal, embodying a take-no-prisoner sattitude in each endeavor. 

Gemini women is iconic, if not cyclonic: She leaves every circumstance, and indeed each individual, she encounters irrevocably altered in the wake of her presence. When it comes to relationships, she throws herself into situations out of an alternating need to indulge desire and impose dominance, letting herself be swept away by curiosity. At times, she will full-tilt flirt with disaster. 


Gemini Women touches down and settles into an understanding bond in which she may safely swing between her two distinct personalities—helpless baby doll and ruthless boss. With other women, she is all the more imperious, drawn to doting lovers who will unquestioningly do her bidding, in public as well as in private.


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