#LEO Strategies to Improve Self-Love Skills

Leo rules the heart, but that sensitive ego of Leo seeks outer approval and love, whereas self-love would enable the Leo soul to both give and receive without that need for approval. These exercises will help you work through your tendency to seek outside approval:

1.Go to YouTube or your favorite video-streaming platform and search for a guided meditation on self-love. You can also download an audio file. Listen to the guided self-love meditation regularly.

2.Treat yourself regularly to
something that is for you alone and that brings you joy without any external validation. It could be a long bubble bath, a massage, a good book, or a movie. Leo needs a lot of external praise, and if you use these treats to praise yourself often, the need for praise from others will lessen. Be your own cheerleader and reward yourself.

3.Mirror work is also a useful tool to develop self-love skills. Stand or sit in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eye. Then talk to yourself. Start by telling yourself, “I love you.” Then move on to other things that are great about you and heap praise on yourself. Verbally give yourself all the approval you are looking for from others. Do this every day for at least 21 days.



The personality and behavior of Leo, or any Sun sign, is affected by all the other placements and aspects in the natal chart. This is why it is important to gradually blend the meanings of the planets, signs, houses, aspects, and transits to create an overall picture of the potential in your personal blueprint. If Leo is your Sun sign, you may have things in common with other Leo Sun signs, but you are uniquely you. 

For example, a Leo Sun with Libra Ascendant will be really attractive and fun to be around, whereas a Leo Sun with Capricorn Ascendant will be much more reserved than some Leos. Another example is a person with a Leo Sun and Sagittarius Moon, who is fiery and on the move a lot of the time, compared with a person with a Leo Sun and Scorpio Moon, who would likely be more determined and very shrewd. Here are a few things to consider to help you to make the most of your Leo energy in different areas of life. Always consider that your soul chose the Leo energy so that you could be more of a leader and be self-expressive in that area of life. You can choose to maximize the positive energies of Leo.


One issue that causes the most problems for Leo is their tendency to “lord it over others” (be domineering and arrogant), treating people as if they are Leo’s royal subjects. A better choice for you would be to become a role model for others, leading by example and inspiring them.


Leo’s opposite sign is Aquarius, the sign of originality, inventiveness, and personal freedom, so it is good for Leo to work on developing a more detached quality when they relate to others. This isn’t to suggest that you should become completely like Aquarius—only that you should infuse some of these qualities in your dealings with others to have more successful relationships.


Leo is a fixed sign and generally has less trouble than most other signs when it comes to completing something they have put their mind to. However, they may be inflexible in their goals, so it would be good to practice being open to shifting gears or trajectory so that you don’t become disheartened when things don’t go according to plan.


For a full analysis of what type of career you would be suited to, take into account the cusp of the tenth house (the Midheaven), the ruler of that sign, and any planets in the tenth house. For example, a person with a Leo Sun may have Aries on the cusp of the tenth house, and their Sun (ruler of Leo) in the first house. This person would be ideal for leadership roles in many capacities.

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