LEO MAN - The Sign of Sexual Prowess

Leo Man
the natural

Leo man is the zodiac's quintessential golden boy, a gleaming figure with great charisma and an innate sense of ease and entitlement. He lives life like a king, the world being his playground, assertively satisfying his desires, which are, nonetheless, noble by nature. With nary a duplicitous bone in his body, he prizes honesty and purity above all other virtues. Leo grabs what he wants out of life, with pure conviction, his unshakable self-esteeminspiring awe and worship in others who seek to bask in his reflected light. 

Exuding such confidence in his masculinity, indeed recognizing no equal among men, he assuredly assumes leadership roles, socially as well as sexually. He can be so notorious a cut up, the proverbial class clown, that even his wholesome good looks may be overshadowed by an "all-personality' label. Women regard him with a shy, schoolgirl wonder. 

Like some sexualized Tom Sawyer, he is not only preposterously, almost com-ically, self-serving, but also a man in possession of a mammoth heart of gold. Leo doesn't tall in love easily, but when he does, it will be regarded as something sacred and ennobling, driven by strong emotion rather than any simple expression of lust. There will rarely be anything sordid or kinky about Leo's sex life, and his heterosexual relationships always smack of an old-fashioned sweetheart sen-sibility. In love relationships with men, he is even more vehemently moralistic, longing to share an abundance of affection, while feeling left cold by the more overtly sexual aspects of gay life.


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