LEO WOMAN: The Sign of Sexual Expression

Leo Woman the knockout 
Leo woman is the prime mover of the zodiac. 

No other individual possesses her power and determination for achieving goals, sexual or otherwise. Burning with desire. she attacks life, letting nothing stand in the way of her hunt for fulfillment. Incapable of distancing herself from her passions. she embodies the romantic and erotic urges that drive her forward in pursuit of satisfying a constant craving for love and lovemaking. 

In a sense, Leo woman is sex, her every action fueled by a natural lust for life—and she looks the part: A fiercely energetic woman with vivid coloring and flashing eyes, she hungers for experience, never doing anything by halves. Without the slightest timidity, she makes her needs and feelings known, boldly proclaiming sexual interest in a would-be mate, subsequently proving to be a boisterous wildcat in the bedroom. 

She is attracted to men who possess passions that equal her own, but, like her, won't be completely consumed by them. She presents a challenge to the male of the species, requiring a guy to be so stable and commanding as to make her seem feral and feminine in contrast—no easy feat for the one woman who can't help but beat most men at their own game of dominance, whether in a professional or personal circumstance. 

In same-sex bonds, Leo is provocative, seeking to draw out a woman's concealed desires and uncover her wild side, only to then later subdue her, both within the bedroom and without. Leo is always the leading lady in gay relationships, playing the role of protector to the hilt.


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