♈ ARIES and ♌ LEO Pairing when it come to Love At First Sight

When you take astrology into account, instant attraction between two signs can occur for several reasons.

 And it often has a lot to do with the way their personalities mesh. For example, some fixed zodiac signs, like Taurus or Aquarius, tend to know what they want in a partner, and are able to spot those traits right away. Other cardinal signs, like Aries, can be very reactive, and may fall for someone simply because they seem interesting.
Read on below for the Aries  & Leo couples that may fall in love at first sight, as well as what they can do to take the relationship even further, and build on their initial connection.

 looking in eyes to attractive girlfriend, having pleasant conversation, spending time together

When these two signs come together, they can fall instantly in love due to the way their personalities play off each other. 

"Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of pursuit, and Leo is ruled by the Sun, the star of the zodiac," . "With Aries focused on pursuit and Leo loving to be admired like royalty, these two are likely to fall quickly head-over-heels."

They enjoy giving each other plenty of attention, and if the "mystery is kept alive for some time, the love may last," . Otherwise Aries, who likes new things, may start to lose interest.

To keep their initial spark alive, Aries and Leo should do things to make the relationship exciting. This might mean going on more trips, trying new things as a couple, and surprising each other in small ways. Aries can also focus on Leo, and make sure they feel special.

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