Love secret of the WATER SIGN - Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer

  • ♏ SCORPIO born October 23 thru November 1.... -is intense and has all - or- nothing attitude in love. 
  • ♏ SCORPIO born November 2 thru 11 is secretive and looks fora lover who is also mysterious. 
  • ♏ SCORPIO born November 12 thru 21 is inquisitive and wants someone experimental, but faithful. 
  • ♓ PISCES born February 19 thru 29 is an idealist and wants lover who can meet high expectations. 
  • ♓ PISCES born March 1 thru 10 is complexand needs someone who can adjust to many moods. 
  • ♓ PISCES born March 11 thru 20 is seductive and seeks a com-panion who is extremely sexy, but loyal. 

  • ♋ CANCER born June 21 thru July 1 is home-loving and looks for a lover who is family-oriented. 
  • ♋ CANCER born July 2 thru 12 is strong-willed and needs a sweetheart who can't be dominated. 
  • ♋ CANCER bon July 13 thru 22 is deeply emotional and wants romance to be a grand passion 

( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛) 👉 If You're Dating A Water Sign, Keep These 15 Important Things In Mind

#WaterSigns are best known for their tendency to turn on the waterworks...


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