#SCORPIO: How to cope with changes in your life

You resourceful Scorpio cope fairly well with life changes, but they can be stressful when out of your control. Apt to be challenging now are alterations in ways you think & communicate, and physical or personality transformations. 














1. Communicate more effectively by first establishing rapport; do this easily by "mirroring" another's mood, tone, gestures and style of speaking. 
2. When attempting to influence others, avoid such Chard sell" that they will want to back off. 
3. Watch how you talk to yourself, too; when what you're say-ing becomes too negative, correct it. 
4. Check the impact of your image in a full-length mirror; your appearance sends a message, too. 
5. Improve the way you sound by recording your voice and correcting poor speech habits. To sound better on the phone, sit or stand up straight. 
6. Before you speak, visualize how you want the listener to feel and react to your words.