TAURUS Secrets of intimacy

Intimacy means being honest and totally accepting of another person. 

Both partners must feel they can be completely them-selves and safely expose their inadequacies, knowing they will not be judged or criti-cized. When companions are accepting, a warm trusting bond is kindled that can endure almost any obstacle. 

In Astrology, each Sign has its own unique way of creating and maintaining intimacy. 

Jupiter (planet of humor). Your key to greater intimacy is to keep looking for the humor in situations. You are a focused, down-to-earth person by nature but when you're able to push day-to-day concerns to the back of your mind and lift your sights, you get more enjoyment out of each moment and see the lighter side of life. 

For you TAURUS, laughter is essential. 

When you are light-hearted and joke with your amor, intense feelings ease and your love one feels more free to open up. Then you connect in-timately and keep renewing the magic and depth of your love. 



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