Knowing when #Pisces' hunch is right

When you have a hunch about something, it actually is Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) world ng-a sixth sense beyond the traditional five senses. Your ESP, Pisces, is tied most closely to your rich inner life and ability to imagine. You love to .... ---->>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     


daydream, picturing a whole scenario playing out libe a movie in your mind. The key to the future is often contained in your fantasies, which frequently reflect how things will turn out in real life. Sometimes, though, you are too sensitive to others' opinions and attitudes and, without realizing it, tune in to and accept what they envision for you. To successfully pick up on your intuition, you must learn to differentiate between a fan-tasy and a reliable hunch. To"test' your ESP yourself, "Am I free of outside influences? Am I worrying, or do I have faith in my inner wisdom? Which parts of my fantasy feel real to met' Let the picture unfold and wait until you have a feeling of immense peace. Then you'll know that the answer is true.