Aquarius's primary ruler, the planet Uranus
—Saturn is the sign's subruler—represents the cosmic Principle of Deviation and Independence in the zodiac. 

As the male embodiment of this precept, the Waterbearer is somewhat of a pioneer, if not a human mutation who breaks with traditions and so-called normalcy.

He is like that genetic quirk that occurs in a species that nonetheless ensures its evolution, a necessary departure to ward against extinction. The sign of Aquarius represents seeds of change that often make the Waterbearer a proverbial solitary voice in the wilderness trumpeting a new future, one that lies on the horizon that he is specially engineered to perceive. 

The glyph of Uranus, actually the H of the planet's discoverer, William Herschel, fittingly resembles a satellite designed to explore the far reaches of space, if not time, and to report back on what is "out there." Like that satellite, Aquarius telegraphs new understandings to humanity as a whole—this is his often lonely, solo mission. 

Aquarius is an ideological explorer, naturally forward-thinking and progressive, notoriously planted on the avant-garde of human experience, the guy who pushes the envelope more than anyone in almost every aspect of life. 

The concept of the Aquarian age (purported to begin in 2020) is all about change—Uranus's planetary energy is of sudden and sweeping, irrevocable alteration—and the Aquarian man alone represents the human character as catalyst for such drastic upheaval on a universal level. There are some (probably many of them Aquarians) who believe that it is during this time in our evolution that we'll meet up with extraterrestrials. 

In the meantime, Aquarius man does his best to fit that bill himself. Aquarius guy appears so ridiculously detached and preoccupied because, on some level, he is forever lost in far-out revelations. This quirky fellow, who seems to be a visitor from the future, is already living realities that the rest of us won't get our brains around for ages. Even physically, planet Uranus signals "freakish growth" in an organism that, as noted Aquarian Charles Darwin himself first theorized, provides a glimpse into the eventual norm of said species, evolution following where mutation leads. Aquarius is simply living those eventualities now. And though he may be labeled a freak, in hindsight (where Aquarians are always perceived in the best light) he will often be credited with contributing to the growth of humanity. 

His 11th Astrological House is that of reformative activities, social consciousness, and spiritual unity. Archetypally speaking, Aquarius is the zodiac's dispenser of immortality, an arbiter of social change and a progressive who gives us a taste of mankind's future. On a metaphoric and spiritual level, there is more to Aquarius than might readily meet the eye.



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