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This association can bring joy to both Jupiter ( You ) and Jupiter ( Your Partner ) Conjuction in Synastry Chart , depending on the nature of other aspects of their relationship. 
In Friendship,
A Jupiter-Jupiter conjunction in a synastry chart is a very positive aspect for friendship. It indicates a deep understanding and appreciation of each other's values and goals. These friends are likely to be supportive of each other's dreams and ambitions, and they will always be there for each other through thick and thin.
In Romance, 
If other aspects are positive then Jupiter ( You ) and Jupiter ( Your Partner ) are likely to enjoy each other's company, giving and taking. Although they may hold opposite beliefs or find pleasure in different ways, they are tolerant of each other's differences. In fact they enjoy the stimulation of each other's differences. 

Ancient astrologers consider the planet Jupiter to be of beneficial affect in each person's life. Hence the mostly positive influence of this combination on Jupiter ( You ) and Jupiter ( Your Partner ) relationship. There is a chance that other tensions in their union adversely affect this beneficial influence. If this is the case then Jupiter ( You ) and Jupiter ( Your Partner ) are more likely to have differences of opinion over values, beliefs and pastimes. These differences can be a source of tension rather than a source of joy.

10 Things to remember while loving a Capricorn
  1. They are ambitious and driven. 
  2. They are practical and down-to-earth. 
  3. They are reliable and dependable.
  4. They are fiercely loyal and committed. 
  5. They are reserved and serious. 
  6. They need time to warm up. 
  7. They appreciate honesty and transparency. 
  8. They need space and independence. 
  9. They appreciate support and encouragement. 
  10. They are worth the investment. 


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