Here's How to improved your Love Life PISCES

Your Pisces heart is a lacy valentine , perhaps a bit tear-stained, but gushing with sentiment and romance.

If it’s frayed around the edges, that’s because you’ve given it away so often, mostly to those who deserve it least. You need to be more discriminating.

If pink haze surrounds your dream boat, sail to clearers waters and take a realistic look. You often fool yourself by living in a dream world. If you’re wearing blinders where love is...concerned, take a tip from down-to-earth Virgo.

 Your opposite sign possesses traits you most need to emulate in partnerships. Balance poetry with practicality, romance with reason, fiction with fact .

Follow your heart, but take a road map along. Although lover’s highroads may seem less lofty, you’ll be of firmer ground as you find your way to a lifetime of happiness with a realistic mate.

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