Some things that may be helpful to scorpio sun/mercury (natal or transits)

🦂 Start a therapy

🦂 Start journaling to know yourself better or to recognize some patterns

🦂 Meditate

🦂 Try to analyze deeply or reflect on an issue/fact you don't understand well

🦂 Be more attentive and careful with issues regarding money/finances


🦂 Be more open and reconsider the idea of reconnecting with someone who is/was dear to you

🦂 Focus!!! Focus on studies or activities that need a lot of concentration/focus ( it's an auspicious time)

🦂 Speak about what you're passionate about! Speak confidently about anything you deem important or you want to let know.

🦂 Follow your intuition/gut instincts.

🦂 Plan some business projects or projects in general.

🦂 Start some new exciting and interesting relationships/friendships.

🦂 Or if you already have meaningful relationships it's time to make them even deeper, to have a strong bond.

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