#Pisces' changing love nature

In the past: You looked fora romantic part-ner who was modest, patient and somewhat retiring, to match your sensitive, imaginative, easy-going Piscean nature. 

Now: You've become more ambitious, determined and assertive.

 And you've found your needs changing in relationships. Pluto (planet of intensity) is in aspect to your Sign, indicating .... ---->>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     



depth and passion are growing even more important into your love life. You're becoming attracted to more dynamic, complex people who are committed to their work or a cause, who have energy, drive and a strong sense of purpose. 

While you'll always be refined, adaptable Pisces, you're more aggressive now and seeking more intimacy and depth in your commu-nication with your partner. Before, you secretly enjoyed an amor who was pliable and tolerant But now you want firmness and commitment, so that you and your loved one can plan long-term goals together and ex-plore the joys of lasting love.