#PISCES: Four ways to improve your relationship

You're a sensitive, compassionate lover, Pisces, with great appeal. But keeping love aglow may need special attention. Here are four ways to improve a relationship: 

1. GOOD COMMUNICATION is always vital. An amor can be bewildered at times by mysterious you and may need a show of warmth and affection. Your eyes can speak volumes. Words are not always necessary. 


2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     


you are at your best when staging family functions, dining at cozy restaurants or escaping with your amor to oceanside re-treats. A quaint, nostalgic atmosphere puts you in a romantic mood. 

3. COOPERATION BETWEEN PARTNERS means focusing more attentions on the prac-tical side of life, living up to promises and schedules—a compromise between time out for smelling the roses and weeding the lawn. 

4. Your GOALS IN LIFE are to be secure and successful. A mate who's right for you will support your dreams so long as they're based on the realistic self-discipline and fol-low through that makes for a winner.