A strong bond is formed as a result of this combination of the planets Jupiter ( Your Partner ) and Saturn ( You ) Conjunction , in which both Jupiter ( Your Partner ) and Saturn ( You ) learn a great deal from each other. 

In many ways Jupiter ( Your Partner ) and Saturn ( You )  take an opposing approach to their relationship. Jupiter ( Your Partner ) is more adventurous, keen to explore new territories. She takes a somewhat philosophical approach to this relationship. 

On the other hand Saturn ( You )  is cautious, often taking a slower and more practical outlook. Fortunately they enjoy these opposing qualities, finding equilibrium in their relationship. Saturn ( You )  finds his day enlivened by Jupiter ( Your Partner ) personality. 

In turn Jupiter ( Your Partner ) enjoys having a stable and patient companion to bounce her ideas off. Saturn ( You ) learns much from Jupiter ( Your Partner ) wisdom, gaining a greater understanding of his own nature. Together Jupiter ( Your Partner ) and Saturn ( You ) can achieve much success in either their personal lives or a joint project.

Sagittarius + Pisces: 
Sagittarius brings out the
wild side of the Pisces. they're probably the annoying kids in class that throw stuff at people and blame it on other people. not terrifying partners in crime, just annoying and wild.


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