#PISCES: Moneymaking secrets of your sign

Many billionaire and money moguls secretly have long used astrology to their financial advantage. And you can too, Pisces. Astrology can unlock the secrets of how to utilize your most productive moneymaking powers. Here are few hints for you Fishes. 

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2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     


hunches, dramatizing everyday things and promoting ideas, products or people. Work in a field that enables you to help others or to express yourself creatively. Invest in oil or gas leases, stocks, oceanfront property, stage productions, films. But don't jump into any moneymaking scheme unless you've had it thoroughly checked out; despite your strong ESP, you tend to fall for propositions too good to be true. Also, avoid being so generous to others that you fail to put away funds for later years. To really cash in on your desire to help people, Pisces, act as an agent or promoter for new businesses, inventions or products. Or use your idealism to make money by defending consumer causes or the environment.