This is How to Keep the ♐ SAGITTARIUS you Love


• Role-play as if it’s for real. 
• Believe them when they tell you about their godly past lives. 
• Do something for them every once in a while because they “shouldn’t have to.” 
• Look interested on the days they need to show you what they know. 
• Buy them airline tickets. 
• Tell them that you know they’re overqualified. 
• Be the designated driver once a week. 
• Support them in boycotting reality TV shows. 
• Remind them of their magic, and encourage them to use it to make a better life. 
• Let them in on a secret so they can make others promise not to tell.

have a dualistic nature: one side of you is free and gypsylike, and the other is burdened and wounded. Each part will need its time to express itself. Now imagine what happens if both of you are acting out your hurt selves— the competition to be the most wounded will soon ensue. 

will become too blind to each other’s needs because you’re both too busy insisting that your own aren’t being met. So try to notice if there’s a competition emerging between you, and opt out of it if there is. Now. It’s better for you to let Fire run its course than to fan its flames.

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