SUN - MARS Synastry in TRINE Aspect

This combination of the Sun ( You ) and the planet Mars ( Your Partner ) Trine in Synastry  is a positive one for a working partnership that calls for concentrated effort on a joint project. 

A trine aspect (a 120-degree separation) can be a significant factor in both romantic and friendship relationships. This aspect typically signifies a harmonious and mutually supportive connection between two individuals.
In Friendship,
very dynamic and supportive relationship. The two friends are always there for each other, and they enjoy participating in activities together. They also challenge each other to be better people, and they help each other to grow and learn..
In Romance, 
It also ignites a strong sexual spark for a personal relationship, one that continues to flare throughout the union. It is an exciting combination. There is never a dull moment when Sun ( You ) and Mars ( Your Partner ) are together. They love and fight with energy. 

Sun ( You ) and Mars ( Your Partner ) are hard working and energetic, achieving more together than they can on their own. Together Sun ( You ) and Mars ( Your Partner ) are able to tackle most of life's challenges with confidence and a positive attitude, taking the initiative, rather than sitting back and waiting for things to happen. 

Together they also enjoy taking few risks in life, particularly ones that satisfy their sense of adventure. They need only be wary of becoming too impulsive, of taking unnecessary risks that lead to dangerous ground. Sun ( You ) feels that Mars ( Your Partner ) provides the impetus and drive to help achieve his full potential. Sun ( You ) is aware that his personality also helps Mars ( Your Partner ) achieve her goals. 

Mars ( Your Partner ) is excited by Sun ( You ) powerful personality and is inspired in her ambitions. This is certainly a progressive relationship that makes an impact on both Sun ( You ) and Mars ( Your Partner ) and those around them..

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