The SUN in 2ND HOUSE in Solar Return Year

 Financial concerns tend to surface because this is the house most closely associated with money, values, and priorities.  
In general, the Sun in the 2nd house of Solar return Chart  
Is not a sign of monetary gain; in fact, it is more likely that you will feel underpaid. 

Check Venus, her aspects, and the other planets in the 2nd house to understand the financial picture.
This is the year to reassess your worth as an employee or business owner and decide how much you should be earning. Also Read, Example Chart case study - Sun in the 2nd house of Solar return chart.

You may find that your work is not fully appreciated and it is really worth more than you are presently being paid.

Is a time to map out a plan to earn more money; however, your salary will probably not increase much this year. Usually, individuals with 2nd house Suns do not get a pay raise until the following year when their Suns move into the 11th house, the 2nd (money house) of the 10th (career). 

Although your salary might not rise this year (you are more likely to get promoted when the Sun moves to the 11th house ), you will be thinking of ways to manage, budget, save, and invest. 

It is possible that creative insights and products of self-expression developed or initiated while the Sun was in the 5th house might become an avenue for increasing financial resources. 

If you are running a business or a household, learn to budget your money or work with an accounting program. You need to pay attention to the way money is handled and spent; it may be slipping away wastefully. Financial practices that you incorporate this year can lead to money saved for future major purchases and projects. Lack of fiscal responsibility can lead to financial problems and limitations.

Reassessing your sense of self-worth will also involve analyzing how you are being treated by others. You may find that you do not command enough respect. If you have very little self-esteem, you may be involved in physically or verbally abusive relationships, but it is more common to have established a pattern of devaluing your own needs and abilities in comparison to the needs and abilities of others. If others come first in your life and you always come last, it is time to make adjustments. 

Although you have probably helped to establish this negative pattern, others have helped to reinforce it, and now everyone needs to change consciously. Now is the time to stand up for yourself. Expect equal consideration; if you must, demand it.

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