SOLAR RETURN CHART : The SUN in 12th House

This is a good time to organize and assimilate information you have collected. 

Reflection, introspection, and even withdrawal can help you to personalize information in a meaningful way. 

This is the house of unconscious complexes and altered experiences.  Factual and practical data becomes integrated with emotional insights to form spiritual understanding.

This assimilation process is essential to the individual’s multidimensional growth.

The lack of integration associated with this house can lead to inaccurate or contradictory perceptions while in the 12th, and distorted or prejudicial beliefs while in the 9th house. Also Read, Example Case Study chart - Sun in the 12th house of Solar return.

Answers to pressing questions will not come from others; answers lie within. 

You will find life easier if you put together what you already know, rather than take in what you find difficult to relate to. 

The demands of others can weigh heavily this year, especially if a family member or loved is ill, disabled or needy in some way. 

It is the nature of the 12th house experience to view others with compassion and to assist as much as you are able. 

It is time for the important task of organizing information you have collected while the Sun was in the other cadent houses. 

Consequently, you will need time alone for reflection and introspection. You may daydream and fantasize a lot, or spend time contemplating your existence and the meaning of life. A religious theme is common, but all information is reorganized and not just data with a philosophical or religious theme. 

You will tend to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself since they are usually only partially formed or partially understood for most of the Solar Return year. You tend to be tolerant of different beliefs and will not push your incomplete opinions onto others.

 People with afflicted twelfth house planets often make the following statements: 

SUN—"If I take center stage, I'll never let go of it.

" MOON—" If I start crying now, I'll never stop.

" MERCURY—" If I start to tell you my experience, I'll never stop talking.

" VENUS—" If I allow myself to fall in love, I won't be able to do anything but live and breathe love.

" MARS—"If I really let out my anger, drive everyone away.

" JUPITER—"If I go for abundance in my life, I11 be insatiable in my greed.

" SATURN—" If I feel how sad and lonely I really am, I'll become so depressed that hide in my room and never come out.

" URANUS—" If I let people see how unconventional and weird I really am, they'll lock me up.

" NEPTUNE—" If I feel and show how vulnerable I really am, I won't be able to bear the pain.

" PLUTO—" If I express the destructive feelings inside of me, I'd explode like a volcano. I might kill someone." 

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