How To Use The Solar Return 7th House Of Marriage To Find Your Love life this year

The Seventh House in Astrology is known as the House of Partnership and Marriage

You can see how you are designed for lasting love by looking. at which zodiac sign and what planet is in your seventh house via your natal chart solar return chart of your birthday. 

You may or may not have a planet in your seventh house, 

but everyone is born with the seventh house in their natal chart. Also, your seventh house might not be in the sign of Libra.

The seventh house is ruled by the zodiac sign Libra and carries with it the planetary ruler, Venus. 

So having a planet in this location can help you understand what you are here to learn, do, or accomplish when married. Also Read, Example Case study chart - sun in the 7th of Solar return Chart.

Planets in the Seventh House of Solar return chart show a reflection of who you are and you will attract someone that matches your self. She also describes what it means for each planet to be in the Seventh House.

SOLAR RETURN CHART BASIC : from first house to 12 house 

The Moon in the 7th house of the solar return shows the probability of being involved in a nurturing relationship. This relationship does not...  Read more ...

A 7th house Mercury in the solar return chart can signal the importance of communication with others during the coming year. You may spend a lot of  ... Read More ...

VENUS IN THE 7TH HOUSE Of Solar Return Astrology Chart

A 7th house Venus emphasizes the importance of relating positively to others. 
This usually applies specifically to your relationship with one particular individual ...Read more ...

Venus is known as the lesser and Jupiter is known as the greater benefic. When Venus and Jupiter are in aspect, you can either benefit directly or indirectly through the influence or assistance of another. Readmore ...

This is a time to be energized by another person who can get you to do something you would not or could not do alone. In its most positive manifestation... Read more ..

The best phrase to describe Jupiter in the 7th house is, "Ask and you shall receive. "Others naturally come to your aid... Read more ..  

Saturn in the 7th house indicates that close personal relationships are defined, limited, or structured in order to establish a greater degree of safety and security. For those dating and not married...Read More 

The primary interpretation for Uranus in the 7th house focuses on changes to relationships. Depending on ... Read more ..

Relationships tend to lack definition and certainty during the year that Neptune is in the 7th house. There is a vagueness about involvements ... Read more..

While Pluto is in the 7th house, issues concerning relationships become complex interactions which must be analyzed to be fully understood...Read more ..

Relationship problems are also possible in 7th house of Solar return. Renewing old relationships can be difficult because others may have established a pattern of getting along without you if you were too distant in the past. Hopefully, they appreciate the time you are now able to spend with them. 

An old and useless relationship might end during this time so that a new and rewarding one can form. Use this time for a transition to a new and exciting commitment. 

Generally, new relationships are of a personal nature, but occasionally the emphasis is on a business partnership. The 7th house is the house of marriage, partnerships, and strong relation-ships, and it is likely that you will be deeply involved in one of these types of relationships during the year. 

The Sun and the Moon in the Same Solar Return House 
Having the Sun and the Moon in the same Solar return house is like having all of your eggs in one basket.. 

The Sun is associated with conscious experience and symbolizes a need for external achievement and recognition. 

The Moon, on the other hand, is more closely associated with unconscious experience and the need for internal emotional fulfillment.. Learn more ...

Example Case study chart - sun in the 7th of Solar return Chart

Anytime you have four or more planets in a house, you're in danger of overload. The areas of life associated with the house interpretation can consume most of your time and energy. In Patricia's solar return chart, five planets are in the 7th house of Solar return chart.. Learn More...


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