Powerful secrets of ♏ SCORPIO

You are the most secretive of all the Signs of the Zodiac, Scorpio
Your seldom volunteer facts about your personal life and don't respond well to nosy questions. 

With the partnership-oriented Sign, Libra, in your Twelfth House of Hidden Matters, you're most likely to keep affairs of the heart confidential. In fact, a secret marriage or alliance is probable at some time in your life. The need for companionship and sociability often are not top priorities, however, allowing you to be content or most at peace when you're alone. 

Though you tend to speak your mind with no holds barred, it actually may be your sincere attempt to seek justice, harmony and balance. 

You're more sensitive than others realize but like to be considered tough and self-sufficient. Your drive for power often masks an unexpressed wish for popularity. Your hidden power lies in expressing your love of beauty, the arts and excellent understanding of human relations. When you combine these with your natural deter-mination, you have few equals. 


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