Some Zodiac always seem to be critical of you, SCORPIO

They don't appear to understand your intense, secretive, very resourceful nature. Chances are, such persons are less com-patible with you astrologically. 

Scorpio, Since you were bom under a  Water Sign, individuals born in certain other Signs may find you overly deep or possessive. 

Though you remain a puzzle to them, in many ways, you can learn to relate more smoothly to these types. 

Those in your opposite Sign- Taurus - will become even more stubborn if you seek to manipulate them. Learn to compromise. 

The Fire Signs -Aries, Leo and Sagittarius - flare up easily and could bring you to boil. But you can gain warmth and zest for life from these fiery folk if you don't irk them with your subtle attempts to dominate. 

Try not to cloud up the sunny skies of the Air Signs - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. While they'll never match your depth, you can reach new highs- both mental and spiritual - by aligning with these light-hearted souls. 


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