Here's How to Use ♏ SCORPIO'S mind power for success!

There are three general Scorpio mental types 
Based on the three possible zodiac (star) constellations in which Mercury could have been positioned when you were born.

See which description below fits you best Chances are this will match up with Mercury's position at your time of birth. 

This knowledge will give you the advantage of knowing how to use your intellectual strengths for success. 

1. Mercury positioned in the constellation Scorpio at birth indicates the profound, resourceful Scorpio mind. Highly in-tuitive, you zero in on the truth instinctively- and often know more than you let on. Best advice for success: Channel your keen intellect into research, science or investigations, avoid at-tempts by others to draw you into schemes and intrigues. 

2. Mercury positioned in the constellation Libra at birth indicates the balanced, sociable Scorpio mind. You learn easily and are deeply interested in human motivations. Your Scorpio passions are balanced by an objective, just mentality. Best advice for success:Study psychology or other humanitar-ian subjects. 

3. Mercury positioned in the constellation Sagittarius at birth indicates the far-reaching, philosophical Scorpio mind. You're more interested in attitudes than facts. You like rules to live by, distant goals and lofty ideals. Best advice for success: Don't become too opinionated or impractical in your thinking. 


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