Scorpio + Scorpio Tapping into Each Other’s Creativity

What might happen when a pair of ''SCORPIO'' taps into each other’s creative energy

Tapping In The nature of your relationship with Scorpio will determine how this creative exchange might work. 

The approach of a Scorpio friend would differ from that of a parent, lover, spouse or friend. 

Scorpio and Scorpio Tapping into Each Other’s Creativity 


A powerhouse. There’s no other way to describe what happens when a pair of Scorpios tap into each other’s creative energy to solve problems, brainstorm, research and find that bottom line. 

Let’s say you and Scorpio are friends. You’re both teachers who are fascinated with ghosts, spirits and life after death. During your summer break, you decide to spend a month traveling throughout the country and visiting sites that are supposedly haunted. Scorpio suggests you two document the trip and these sites through photography, videos and a blog. You carry this idea even further by suggesting that each week you would upload the best video to YouTube and create a of serialization of your trip and search for ghosts.

You: Sort of like that podcast Serial. Scorpio: OMG, I love it! That’s the number one download on iTunes. Everyone at work talks about it, debating whether the guy killed his girlfriend. They can’t wait for the next episode. Yes, yes, let’s do this! 

Fast-forward a few months. It’s June, and you two are on the road. You’ve been uploading your videos to YouTube with riveting narratives and have even captured a number of spirits on film. The number of views on your videos is spiking each week; there’s buzz about your serialization. By the end of the summer, your videos have received more than 20 million hits, and you’re approached by a cable TV channel that offers you a price you can’t refuse for continuing your videos for a new show. 

What began as a fun exploration has now become a new career. This is the sort of thing that can occur when a pair of Scorpios tap into each other’s creative energy!




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