VENUS - NORTH NODE Synastry in SQUARE Aspect

This is the combination of star-crossed lovers. 

The planet Venus ( You )  and the North Node ( Your Partner ) Square Aspect in Synastry Chart,  indicates a strong bond, but this blend is a difficult one. 

When these two points form a Square aspect, it suggests that there is a strong attraction between the two people, but that there may also be some challenges that need to be overcome..
In a friendship, 
VENUS - NORTH NODE Synastry in SQUARE Aspect  can create a strong and supportive bond between the two friends. They may feel like they can always count on each other, and they may enjoy spending time together. However, the square aspect can also create some drama and conflict in the friendship. The friends may have different ideas about what friendship means, and they may have to work hard to maintain their connection..
In Romance, 
Fate has played a strong role in bringing Astrosignature and Elizyl together, but it also challenges their bond. Perhaps theirs is an illicit love or maybe they have difficulty reconciling their differences. Money may be a source of conflict. Astrosignature and Elizyl feel compelled to interact despite the difficulties. They are either passionate about each other or ardent about a joint artistic or creative project. This is a love story that needs to run its course.

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