SCORPIO, Read This Before you invest your emotions in love relationship

Before you invest your emotions in love relationship, Scorpio, be sure it's right for you. The type of mate you need to feel truly fulfilled will be warm, physical and sexually appealing, but totally loyal to you. Seek out someone who is turned on by fervent glances, intense feeling and karmic ties. 

You want a mate who is psychic enough to read your moods and passionate enough to return your amorous expressions. Steer, clear of flirts, wimps, airheads and phonies. 

Look instead for one who is tender but tough, a person willing to go along with your dominance and power plays, yet with the subtle strength to retain your respect An amor who enjoys mystery enigmas, scientific research, or esoteric or spiritual studies will be deep enough for you; a superficial type will never do. The right one won't mind your possessiveness nor, being branded as all yours. 


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