♏ SCORPIO, This How to bring more luck into your life

Are some people luckier than others? It may seem so at times. But there are definite ways each astrological type can increase his or her good fortune. The secret lies in emulating certain qualities of the Sign just four Signs after your own. 

For you  ♏ Scorpio, that's... Pisces

And all Pisces - and Neptune-ruled activities, places, people and attitudes. 
To bring more luck into your life, 
wear Pisces colors- white and red-violet. Be more trusting of others, develop your creativity, and heed your intuition and imaginative dreams and visions. You'll be particularly fortu-nate behind the scenes of any venture or while dealing with secret matters. 

Lucky places for you around the globe include North Africa, Portugal, Samoa; Seville, Spain; Alexandria, Egypt, Reno, Nevada; Atlantic City, New Jersey. 

The number 7 often brings you luck. 

Favorable investments for you involve oil companies, the fishing industry, photography, liquids and footwear. In many ways, you Scorpions create your own luck through your natural resourcefulness, determination and ability to net to the heart of any matter. 


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