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SOLAR RETURN CHART : Retrograde planet and interpretation 2022

Do not pay attention to retrograde outer planets in the solar return. There is about a 50/50 chance that the outer planets will be retrograde since they are each retrograde for almost six months out of the year. Generally, if an outer planet is positioned ninety degrees or more after your Sun's zodiacal placement, and not less than ninety degrees before your Sun's placement, it will be retrograde. Half of the population will have a retrograde Pluto in their solar returns this year. 

Cancer & Scorpio as Friends/Colleagues Compatibility

BFF: that's the potential in this relationship. You and Scorpio enjoy an intuitive connection that can be downright eerie at times. If one of you is feeling down or is in trouble, the other may pick up on it. You may complete each other's sentences. Your connection can be similar to what identical twins often experience, an inner knowing about each other. Whether you're friends or colleagues or both, this inner knowing serves you both well. 

The MARS Effect in your Birthchart

MARS IN  :  1ST   |  2ND   |  3RD    |  4TH   |  5TH   |  6TH    |  7TH    |  8TH    |  9TH    |  10TH   |  11TH  |   12TH   | HOUSE The Mars effect hypothesis was first published by the French researcher Michel Gauquelin in 1955. It states that Mars occupies certain region of the sky more often at the time that sports champions are born than at the time that other people are born. The Gauquelins analyzed some basic tenets of astrology and found a correlation amongst birth planetary positions of a person, his psychological character and the career or vocation or success in it .

#Gemini & #Scorpio as Friends/Colleagues Compatibility

  Exciting  Camaraderie   You're fascinated by the way Scorpio probes and digs for answers and information. Scorpio is intrigued by your curiosity and by that single burning question that drives you: why? You're a connector and a communicator, and you collect information the way other people collect books or antiques.

Harmonious and Hot Synastry Aspect in Astrological Chart

❤  Harmonious #SynastryAspects  : Moon trine/sextile Moon :  You feel comfortable around these people and you can easily understand each other

Aries & Scorpio as Friends/Colleagues Compatibility

While its true that we don't become friends with all our colleagues, you two may be drawn together through a love of competitive sports, a passion for a particular type of creative work or because you both prize your individual free-dom. Or all of the above. 

#PISCES: How to boost your self-esteem

Your success in life depends to a great extent on the image you have of yourself. As a Pisces, you generally project a poised and compassionate self to others. But many times you may feel far less sure of yourself than you appear. Because you are so open and sensitive to the emotions of others, you can be easily influenced by them, so much that you sometimes forget who you are. This sensitivity also makes you more vulnerable to hurt feelings.  When your self-esteem needs a boost, here are three positive things all of you Fish can do: