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This union is fraught with difficulties, mainly because of SATURN ( YOU )  and CHIRON ( Your Partner )  past experiences in relationships. 

Opposition aspects in synastry often bring tension and differences to the forefront. Saturn represents boundaries and rules, while Chiron symbolizes deep wounds and vulnerabilities. Individuals may find themselves at odds over issues related to these themes, leading to friction and disagreements..
In friendship,
Can manifest as disagreements, misunderstandings, and difficulty communicating openly. One friend may feel like they are always having to walk on eggshells around the other friend. The other friend may feel like they are not being supported or understood. 

Both friends may be triggered by each other's wounds and insecurities. For example, the Saturn friend may feel threatened by the Chiron friend's vulnerability, while the Chiron friend may feel suffocated by the Saturn friend's need for control..
In Romance, 
Hurtful experiences from previous important relationships have a negative impact hampering both SATURN ( YOU ) and CHIRON ( Your Partner ) ability to build a secure and loving relationship. Rightly or wrongly, CHIRON ( Your Partner ) often perceives SATURN ( YOU ) to be stern and critical. She has trouble allowing herself to be vulnerable. 

As a result past hurts are compounded rather than healed by this union. In turn SATURN ( YOU ) fears emotional intimacy, putting up barriers that hinder the growth of this union. On a more positive note other aspects of this relationship may strengthen the bond between SATURN ( YOU ) and CHIRON ( Your Partner ) enabling them to overcome their difficulties and establish a secure and loving association.

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PISCES EDITION: What your ex miss about

  • Your deep emotional connection. 
  • Your creativity and imagination. 
  • Your compassion and empathy. 
  • Your spirituality and connection to the unseen. 
Pisces exes may also miss specific things about your relationship, such as your sense of humor, your cooking skills, or your ability to make them laugh.

Of course, every relationship is different, and every Pisces is different. So, what your ex misses most about you will vary depending on the individual Birth chart. But the above are some of the things that Pisces are generally known for, and that their exes may miss the most.


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