♓ Pisces' "Top Ten" relationship needs

Each Astrological Sign has essential needs which must be met to keep a relationship burning brightly. 

If you can answer 

"Yes" to 7 of the 10 following questions, Pisces, you've found a romance that won't die out, but instead could fan love's embers forever. Is your partner someone who... 

1. ... understands your need to spend Sundays helping those who are needy or less fortunate? 

2. ... relishes peace and quiet, and gives you time alone when you need to withdraw and meditate? 

3. ... understands your sensitivity and is protective of you? 

4. ... motivates and inspires you to get going on your creative projects? 

5. ... shares your love of music? 

6. ... loves to stroll with you along the waterfront? 

7. ... admires your uncanny intuition and pays attention to your premoni-tions? 

8. ... brings out your imagination and humor? 

9. ... is gentle and patient when you worry about the suffering of friends or others in the world? 

10. ... values your keen business sense and insight? (Refer to your partner’s Sign to see if you’re the one who lights his or her fire.)



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