You and people of your Second Zodiac Sign Toward you

( “material values”)  Zodiac Manipulation 2nd topic:  

The manipulative power of the so-called second sign towards you

This involves one of the following associations: 

After having looked at the mutual influence of people of the same sign, we will now have a look at the mutual influence and possible manipulation of you and the zodiac sign that is right next to you in the zodiac. 
The manipulative power of the so-called second sign towards you is usually estimated not to be that strong. But it is rather the other way around. 
You have a clear manipulative superiority over your second sign, because you play the role of the 12th sign in this connection. In order to gain your trust, a person of your second sign will shower you with various gifts, benefits and money. A person like this will often also try to seduce you in a sexual way. In order to wrap you around their finger, the second sign will work on giving you a feeling of security and comfort of material overflow. 

So watch out that you do not lose your vigilance due to all the comfort and care that a person of the second sign could give you. Also, they tend to memorize many thoughts and statements that you express, because the accumulated information about you can be used effectively for manipulative purposes. Not seldom, the second sign behaves in a way as if it would like to keep you away from anything dangerous and at this, gains more and more influence on you. Don’t let such a person get in between you and your environment and put them in their place on time. Don’t give away the control over your life! You always have to be in control of the most important strings. You have to make the biggest decisions that determine your life, and nobody else! 

Otherwise, the people of your second sign can be of great use to you. You can get a lot from them, not only material-wise. By nature, a person of the second sign can recognize your qualities and talents very well and help you promote them. They can also provide you with material support. 

The contact with your second sign stimulates you to think about materiel and spiritual values. 
  • How can one make the most use of everything you own? 
  • How do you manage your possessions in a way that it improves your life and the life of your relatives most effectively? 
  • Are you satisfied with your income and how can you influence it? 
  • How do you invest your savings, if at all? 
  • Which talents, characteristics and competencies you possess are you already aware of and what is there to discover? 
The most important feed for thought that contact with your second sign gives you is: 
  • What is valuable to you? 
  • What do you value most and what is rather not important to you? 
Optimize the balance between material and spiritual values according to your liking. Don’t let anyone talk you into something here, because your life with all its decisions belongs only to you and nobody else.

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