Zodiac Manipulation 6th topic “SUBMISSION”: You and persons of your 6 sign

 This involves one of the following associations: 

 We now encounter your sixth sign of the zodiac. Contact with our sixth sign involves the subjects of "service", "habit", "compromise" and "daily routine". Here, however, you have less to worry about: in this case, you are the one with the manipulative potential – yours is much stronger than your counterpart. This means that you can relatively easily dominate and intimidate your sixth sign. Even if you can't help it and do your very best to treat these persons with velvet gloves, it nevertheless often happens that you exercise a destructive effect on them. These persons tend to come out on the losing side of practically every conflict and argument with you. 

The possibilities for manipulation on the part of your sixth sign result from its perseverance in exercising a permanent influence on you. 

1. 1st topic “self-perception”: You and people of the same zodiac sign 

These persons feel a strong attraction to you and are willing to perform all kinds of favours and services for you. You should show particular consideration when interacting with persons of your sixth sign, as they might easily become afraid of you due their different character structure. Thoughtfulness and helpfulness are important lessons that you can learn from your sixth sign. First and foremost, it is a question of accommodating yourself to your sixth sign's daily routine. 

As a rule, what is appreciated here is specific and precise knowledge, skills and clear ways of thinking that are effectively applied in practice. A large number of contacts with persons of your sixth sign result in their influences on you causing changes to the principles and schemes, according to which you govern and organize your daily life. By this means, you acquire new habits, rethink how you deal with your health, adopt a different attitude to work, correct your perception of your immediate environment, put your lifestyle in order – by understanding the limits of your possibilities, so that you do not shoulder tasks that exceed your strengths. Habits provide us with security and help us to organize our daily life. They make life reliable and predictable. 

Even if the potential for manipulation in this association is small, it nevertheless exists. There is a danger of getting stuck in the daily chores, wearing yourself out in tackling mundane things and worries and thereby losing sight of the big picture. This can result in ambitious aims and dreams sinking into oblivion. The encounter with the sixth sign involves a certain amount of introspectiveness and coziness – but it is precisely this comfort that can become dangerous for you. These qualities are not only used unknowingly by your counterpart, but are consciously exploited with the intention of committing you – whether in a friendship, an emotional relationship or a working relationship. 

Yet another possibility for manipulation is constantly appealing to your sense of responsibility. This way, you are forced to take responsibility for somebody else's well-being and make bad compromises, which in the long-term will make you unhappy. Although in principle, relationships with persons of the sixth sign are well suited to be particularly long-term and stable in nature as well as lending themselves to solving problems together, it is nevertheless possible for this habit to very quickly result in boredom.


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