SUN - PLUTO Synastry in Square Aspect

This combination of planets indicates a relationship that is life changing, whether it be a friendship, love union or work association. Both SUN ( You ) and PLUTO ( YOUR PARTNER ) feel a powerful attraction for each other in the initial stages of the relationship. It is as if they are both compelled to relate, perhaps even in response to strong opposition from outside sources. Once the exciting first stages of the union have passed, it is likely that both SUN ( You ) and PLUTO ( YOUR PARTNER ) become embroiled in a struggle for dominance. There is no longer an impetus for change and the challenge has become wearisome. 

Now SUN ( You ) and PLUTO ( YOUR PARTNER ) relationship resembles a battleground in which both try to change the other. It is possible that these battles become emotionally abusive, perhaps even violent. It is important for both SUN ( You ) and PLUTO ( YOUR PARTNER ) to avoid senseless battles from which neither emerges triumphant. Money may be at the root of the problems, or it could be that sexual matters are a key theme in this relationship. 

Either way it is likely that SUN ( You ) feels overwhelmed by this union to the point where he suffers from low self-esteem. There could be a tendency for PLUTO ( YOUR PARTNER ) to try to bully SUN ( You ) that may only make matters worse. is faced with the challenge of delving deep into his personal resources to find a sense of self-value. PLUTO ( YOUR PARTNER )is a powerful force in this union and needs to learn how to use her power wisely.

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The Zodiac In love, they teach:

Aries: Teaches that love is innocence Taurus: Teaches that love is patience
Gemini: Teaches that love is awareness Cancer: Teaches that love is devotion
Leo: Teaches that love is ecstasy
Virgo: Teaches that love is pure
Libra: Teaches that love is beauty
Scorpio: Teaches that love is passion
Sagittarius: Teaches that love is honesty
Capricom: Teaches that Icve is wisdom
Aquarius: Teaches that love is tolerance
Pisces: Teaches that love is compassion

The Zodiac In love, they must learn:

Aries: Must learn that love is trust
Taurus: Must learn that love is forgiveness Gemini: Must learn that love is feeling Aquarius: Must learn that love is oneness
Cancer: Must learn that love is freedom
Leo: Must learn that love is humility
Virgo: Must learn that love is fulfillment
Libra: Must learn that love is harmony
Scorpio: Must learn that love is surrendering Sagittarius: Must learn that love is loyalty
Capricorn: Must learn that love is unselfish
Pisces: Must learn that love is All


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