SCORPIO + PISCES ( Man and woman ) Coupling

The higher side of Water is its ability to support without conditions. 

These two have an incredible ability to assist each other in whatever needs arise. 

When conscious, Pisceans are remarkable healers, with compassion that wells from deep within. Scorpios need to be reminded to be more understanding of themselves, and their Fish companions communicate this kind of love beautifully. 
Scorpions are fearless therapists and can act as the perfect guides for their Pisces mates when they lose their way. Water is a world of imagination and fantasies, and rarely have two signs been more able to meet their dreams with such conviction. Once they’ve set their course, these two will move like a raging river, and nothing can stop their path. Scorpios and Pisceans can create magic and bring extraordinary visions to life— all they have to do is desire them.


Scorpio Man / Pisces Woman

  • They'll experience sweeping highs and lows—everything is an issue. Living with him often means being displaced. He lands more lucrative positions with her on hand. Sex feels like sparring; the rumble is raucous.


Scorpio Man / Pisces Man

  • A peaceful and productive pairing, especially if Pisces is the older of the two. Over time, they cultivate an avant-garde aesthetic that appeals to outsiders. Sex might be rough—Scorpio plays at being "trade."


Scorpio Woman / Pisces Woman

  • It's kismet when these sensorial water signs connect. Destiny, it seems, has brought them together for a specific purpose: to heal, themselves and others. They're sexually in tune from the start.

Scorpio Woman / Pisces Man

  • It seems something's being kept hidden. At best, they're a confident, conscientious couple with big dreams they intend to realize. In bed, decorum is their default demeanor. Sex is subdued, but never standard.


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